Click on the variety of plant below to view a list of plants both Native and introduced on Mt. Rubidoux.

Flowering Plants










California Lace Fern Coffee Fern Golden Back Fern
Cotton Fern Birds Foot Fern Erect Spike Moss
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Norfolk Island Pine Italian Cypress
Cypress Arborvitae
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Flowering Plants

Mexican Elderberry Beavertail River Red Gum
Tumbling Amaranth Mission Cactus Honey Gum
Prostrate Pigweed Chain Link Cactus Blue Gum
Rough Pigweed Coastal Prickly Pear Swamp Mahogany
Mt. Atlas Mastic Tree Rabbit Ears Desert Gum
Lemonadeberry Valley Cholla Forest Red Gum
California Pepper Tree Dinnerplate Wishbone Bush
Schinus Polygamus Four Winged Saltbush Shamel Ash
Poison Oak Australian Saltbush Olive
Mock Parsley Atriplex Serenana Suncups
Caucalis Microcarpa Lambs Quarters Camissionia Californica
Rattlesnake Weed Chenopodium Californicum Camissionia Hirtella
Oleander Nettle Leaf Goosefoot Oxalis
Bladder Flower Russian Thistle Creamcups
Vine Milkweed Chaparral Morning Glory California Sycamore
Sacapellote California Dodder Santa Ana River Woolystar
Western Sandbur Jade Plant Coastal Woolystar
Coastal Sagebrush Pygmy Weed Lost Angeles Gilia
Tarragon Live Forever Parry's Spineflower
Gray Native Spergularia California Buckwheat
Mulefat Buffalo Gourd Annual Buckwheat
Sweetbush Coyote Melon Common Knotweed
Desert Brickelbush Wild Cucumber Wild Rhubarb
Tocalote California Croton Redmaids
Western Thistle Doveweed Scarlet Pimpernel
Bull Thistle Spotted Spurge Parney Cotoneaster
Flax Leaved Fleabane Many Seeded Spurge Island Cherry
Horseweed Castorbean California Blackberry
California Aster Stillingia Linearifolia Chaparral Bedstraw
Encelia Californica Cootamundra Wattle Cleavers
Brittlebush Acacia Decurrens Fremont Cottonwood
Leafy Daisy Blackwood Acacia Sandbar Willow
Golden Yarrow Pomon Milkvetch Black Willow
Filago Califoinica Lotus Hamatus Arroyo Willow
Bicolored Everlasting California Broom Rock Snapdragon
Green Everlasting Miniature Lupine Owl's Clover
White Everlasting Prickly Lupine Wooly Indian Paintbrush
California Matchweed Arroyo Lupine Blue Toadflax
Halls Goldenbush Nuttalls Lupine Bush Monkeyflower
Wild Sunflower Yellow Sweetclover California Bee Plant
Fasciculate Tarweed Mexican Paloverde Tree of Heaven
Telegraph Weed Mesquite Jimson Weed
Cats Ear Coast Liveoak Tree Tobacco
Prickly Lettuce Red Stemmed Filaree Nightshade
California Goldfields White Stemmed Filaree Purple Nightshade
Bush Groundsel Scented Eucrypta French Tamarisk
Common Groundsel Baby Blue Eyes Chinese Elm
Tall Wreath Plant Common Heliotrope Pellitory
Coastal Horsebrush Wild Canterburybells Johnny Hump Up
Cocklebur Branched Phacelia Desert Grape
Ranchers Fiddleneck Horehound Agave
Large Flowered Forget-Me-Not Garden Mint Century Plant
Short Podded Mustard White Sage Pulque Agave
Sahara Mustard Xanary Island Sage Mojave Yucca
Shepherds Purse Chia Chaparral Yucca
Nile Mustard Black Sage Canary Island Date Palm
London Rocket Crepe Myrtle Queen Palm
Eastern Rocket Malvastum California Fan Palms
California Mustard Cheese Weed Mexican Fan Palm
Pencil Cholla Common Mulberry Aloe
Golden Stars Six Weeks Three Awn Aloa Brevifolia
Spider Plant Giant Reed Aloe Freox
Wild Hyancinth Slender Wild Oat Aloa Saponaria
Lily Turf Common Wild Oat Foxtail Fescue
Agrostis Viridis Foxtail Brome Foxtail Barkley
Rescue Grass Melica Frutesens Fountain Grass
Ripgut Grass Small Flowered Melic Annual Bluegrass
Cheat Grass Littleseed Muhly Fowl Bluegrass
Bermuda Grass Millet Rabbits Foot Grass
Common Crabgrass Abu Mashi Nodding Needlegrass
Barnyard Grass Foothill Needlegrass Giant Neddlegrass
Goldentop Desert Needlegrass
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