Numerous publications- formal and informal - describe the rich history of Mt. Rubidoux. Some can be purchased through the Riverside Municipal Museum Gift Shop or from the Friends of Mt. Rubidoux. Some can be checked out through the library of the Friends of Mt. Rubidoux (to members).

The Story of Mount Rubidoux Riverside California by DeWitt V. Hutchings
“Anecdotes on Mount Rubidoux and Frank A. Miller, Her Promoter by Glenn E. Wenzel”
A Memorial to Mt. Rubidoux by William T. Drysdale

Scrapbook -- containing pictures and memories by current members of the Friends
of Mt. Rubidoux

  • "Frank Miller's Mountain" by Juanita Thinnes
  • "Frank Miller of the Mission Inn" by Zona Gale
  • "The Mission Inn: Its History and Artifacts" by Esther Klotz
  • "Landmarks of Riverside" by Tom Patterson
  • "The Hills Magic May Not Return But . . . " by Tom Patterson
  • "A Colony for California" (excerpt) by Tom Patterson
  • "A Brief Chronology of Mt. Rubidoux: 1887-1955" by Glen Wenzel
  • "Mt. Rubidoux Tablets and Plaques" (wording only)
  • "Harvest of the Sun: An Illustrated History of Riverside County" by James T. Brown (1985)